Machines animations

Movie with examples of animation.

Line of automatic internal car system assembly 

Line of automatic assembly of eletronic system

Pipe mounting station

Mounting 1Mounting 2

Marker for pipes


Welder for aluminium elements

Welder station

Line of product palletising

Final line, which contains 7 stations.
Line prepares products and packing its on the palette.

Portal of grinder for aluminium profiles

Machine increases speed of satin process.


Test station for valve of break system (trains)

Station is used to control of degree open for valve during test.


Platform for wheelchairs transportation

To help transport wheelchairs to trains.


Packaging machine

Machine for half-automatic packaging process for loose material. Pakowanie 1

Structural analysis of electrical connectors by FEM and method of Metal Magnetic Memory

Durability tests and structural analysis in FEM were peformed. The target was checked of topological optimization possibility.
During FEM analysis fenomena of contact and nonlinear material were modeled.
Calculations were performed in Patran/Nastran.
To durability test method of Metal Magnetic Memory was used.

lacznik-mes laczniki -mpm - eng

Implementation of model and analysis for cleaning mechanism in electrofilter.

Model was created for hit force (to electrofilter base) calculation. Analysis was performed in MSC.Adams.

Sheet to engineering calculations

  • durability calculation of threads, welds, pins and bolts,
  • fatique calculations by Smith’s method,
  • calculation of statically indeterminate beams (internal force, displacement, rotation, etc.)

Sheet was performed by use of Visual Basic.

belki zginanie - eng belki- przemieszczenie - eng zmeczeniowka- smith eng

Conferences/ Publications


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„Virtual Prototyping Process Supported by New Diagnostic Method – Method of Metal Magnetic Memory”, 2009


4th and 5th International Conference „Safety of transport device work in mining”, Ustroń, Poland, November 2008/2009 r.:

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